Eye Donation

Brief About Eye Donation

About E.B.A.I.
Eye Bank Association of India (EBAI ) is a national organization acting as a resource center for all eye banks and organizations involved in the eye donation movement.

Any person or organization can become a member of Eye Bank Association of India and help strengthen the eye donation movement.

Celebrities like Amitabh Bachhan& Jaya Bachhan, Aishwarya Rai, Zakhir Hussain, Pandit Hari prasad Chourasia, Tridandi Chinna Jeer Swamijee, Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Chiranjeevi, Rajinikanth and many more have endorsed eye donation. International Organisations like ORBIS, Lions, Rotary etc, have supported many of our activities.

Blind Population In INDIA
  • Visually Impaired………………………. 15 Million
  • Blind Due To Corneal Disorder……………. 3 Million
  • Annual Donated Eyes Requirement………….. 2.5 Lacs
  • Annual Donated Eyes Collection…………… 20 to 25,000
Why Eye Donation?
  • Approximately 11 lakh(1.1 Million) blind population of our country are waiting for corneal transplantation and approximately 25,000 new cases are being reported every year
  • Eye donation means donating the eyes of a person after death for transplantation with the family consent
  • One eye donation can give sight to two corneal blind persons
Who Can Donate Eyes?
  • Anyone can be donor, irrespective of age, sex, blood group or religion
  • Anyone with cataract or spectacles can donate eyes
  • Person suffering from hypertension, diabetes can also donate eyes
How And When To Donate Eyes?
  • Eyes should be donated within 6 to 8 hrs of death
  • Dial the nearest Eye Bank (1919) within 6 hours of death
  • Switch off the fans and keep the air conditioner or cooler on
  • Raise the head with the help of a pillow
  • Place wet cotton swab on closed eyes
  • There is no disfigurement of the face of the donor
  • After removal, the eyes are analysed, processed at the eye bank and then cornea is transplanted within 96 hours
  • Eye banks come under Human Organ Transplantation Act, and are given registration after inspection by competent authorities. Donated eyes cannot be brought or sold as it is a crime under the act